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Series Name
Season 1, Episode 11
Babe Raider.jpg
Air date December 18, 2005
Written by Suzanne Bolch & John May
Directed by Ron Murphy
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All Systems No Go

Babe Raider is the eleventh episode of the Life with Derek series.


Offended by the video game Babe Raider, Casey decides to counter the sexist male attitudes in the house by coming up with a set of feminist house rules. Casey is forced to reconsider rule number one of the manifesto when Derek informs her that the object of her affection, Sam, is a major Babe Raider player. Having never played the game, Casey decides to see what all her fuss was about. After some training from Edwin, Casey soon realizes she loves the game.

When Casey appears at school dressed as Babe Raider for her Media Studies presentation on ‘Sexist Video Games and Why They Should Be Banned’, Derek accuses her of being a hypocrite. Casey is now forced to decide whether her feelings for the game are being clouded by her feelings for Sam. When Casey’s manifesto forces Derek to change his sexist ways, he finds some unexpected benefits.


Marti: (flashback) Who left the toilet seat up? I fell in again!

Derek: Casey plays Babe Raider... and she is good?
Sam: Yeah, that's what I said.

Casey: Where do the torpedoes come from, anyway?
Babe Raider: You've heard of raw power? Well, this is bra power!
Casey: Oh.

Derek: (reading the manifesto) Number one: no playing Babe Raider in the house.
Edwin: Does the garage count as the house?
Derek: Number two: the garage counts as the house!

Sam: (to Casey who is Babe Raider in her dream) You are the King of Babes. (Casey kicks zombie-Derek away before picking up a crown and putting it on her head)
Casey: (smiles) More like the Queen of Babes.