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Edwin Venturi
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 12 (Season 1) & (Season 2)

13 (Season 3)

14 (Season 4)

15 (Vacation With Derek)

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: George Venturi (father)

Abby (Mother)

Nora McDonald (step-mother)

Derek Venturi (brother)

Marti Venturi (sister)

Casey McDonald (step-sister)

Lizzie McDonald (step-sister)

Simon McDonald-Venturi (half-brother)

Relationships: Michelle
Other Information
Interests: pranking
video games
School: Thompson High School
Series Information
First appearance: The Room
Last appearance: Vacation With Derek
Portrayer: Daniel Magder

Edward "Edwin" Venturi is Derek and Marti's pre-teen/teenage brother and Casey and Lizzie's new stepbrother. He is the second son of George Venturi, and the step-son of Nora McDonald. Edwin is quite protective of Marti when he worries about her too much.

Character Description[]

Edwin is a normal boy: He enjoys pranking his stepsister Lizzie and is a devoted follower of video games like Babe Raider. He also thinks of his older brother Derek as his role model. He adheres to and does everything he says. Edwin has also demonstrated an understanding of higher mathematics well beyond the abilities of an average pre-teen or adolescent.



Derek is Edwin's role model and thus tries to be like him. He still holds Derek at a higher esteem, even if Derek may be giving him some really bad advice. He generally attempts to be like his older brother Derek because he thinks of him as cool. Derek usually takes advantage of Edwin and sometimes has to "borrow" money from Edwin. Being as weak as he is, Edwin gets builled by Derek often. By the last half of the series, he is not obedient to Derek as he was before and often betrays him, only to beg for mercy later.




Edwin's longest relationship was with Michelle. They went out for a while and shared a kiss in "It's Our Party". Edwin took her on a few dates, including a trip to the Horror Movie Festival. Their relationship ended when Michelle met a guy at summer camp and broke up with Edwin. This was Edwin's most harsh breakup, and it took him a while to get over it, but when he did they were able to become great friends.