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Lizzie normally

Lizze is a middle child, alongside with her step-brother Edwin. She is sporty, works hard to obtain what she wants and gets along well with her family (siblings mostly). She and Derek get along quite well. She is quite protective of Marti but gets annoyed with her sometimes when she bothers her.


Lizzie is a very lovely girl like her older sister she mostly gets mad at Edwin and Marti when they spoil things she is also a Tomboy and tries her best with sports though it was me mentioned that she wasn't very good with hockey although Derek helped her set things straight.

Lizzie is the middle child which makes her weak against Casey who sometimes takes advantage of her although she sometimes stands up for herself and disagrees with Casey sometimes. Even though Casey is like a role model to her Lizzie appears to be very different from Casey such as liking sports and not liking makeup and she doesn't really prefer having boyfriends or dating.


  • She is bad at hockey
  • She got sixth place in all of Ontario in the Track Finales