Male Code Blue is the thirteenth episode and the finale of the first season of Life With Derek.

Series Name
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date January 22, 2006
Written by Jeff Biederman
Directed by Ron Murphy
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All Systems No Go
Date with Derek


Casey develops feeling for Derek's best friend, Sam, who appears to have feelings for Casey as well.

Derek hates the idea of a relationship between his best friend and his stepsister so he tries to sabotage them from getting together by telling Sam of the "Male Code" which he says a guy's best friend can't date their friends siblings or step-siblings. Derek tries his best to break Casey and Sam apart, but never does.

Meanwhile, in a humorous plotline, Lizzie quizzes her mother and stepfather on how well they know their children. Their score means Lizzie is supposed to contact social services, and Nora, ashamed, says she will dial the number.


  • Casey and Sam have their first kiss.

This is the season 1 finale.


  • When Sam and Casey are talking in Casey's room door, if you look at both Casey's and Sam's lips, you notice that Sam's lips has red lipstick and Casey's lipstick is all smushed, meaning that the actors portraying Casey and Sam already kissed when they did the shot.
  • When George is making the hamburger patties, the number of hamburgers made on the plate go from four in one shot to one in the next shot.