Marti The Monster is the nineth episode of Life With Derek.

Series Name
Season 1, Episode 9
Marti the monster
Air date December 5, 2005
Written by Daphne Ballon
Directed by Ron Murphy
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Marti sabotages Derek when he is babysitting her in attempt to impress a girl.


  • According to the podcast "Life With Derek: Behind the Scenes," this is one of Michael Seater's favorite episodes.
  • When Derek was seven years old, his hair was really long because he hated getting his hair cut.
  • Marti likes playing beauty salon.
  • Sam has a younger sister, whom Derek sets up a playdate with Lizzie


  • When Marti chose Derek to be her babysitter, he started swinging her around. About four seconds later, her sandal came off and swung behind Derek's head. In the next shot, her sandal was back on like it never came off.


Edwin (to Derek as he is dressed up as a girl by Marti): Dude, you are an ugly woman.

Nora: Hey Casey, do you have any clean bras?
Edwin: No bra talk when I'm eating, please!
Nora: I'm sorry, Edwin. (to Casey) I need to borrow a "sock."
Casey: (catching on) Uh, Mom, I don't think my "sock" would fit your "feet."

Edwin: Marti, my feet are wet! Did you spill milk down there?
Marti: (from underneath the table) It's not milk!
[Edwin runs away, screaming]