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Martina Olivia "Marti" Venturi is the second youngest in the McDonald-Venturi family, and is the only Venturi daughter.


Being the youngest child in the family, Marti loves to be the center of attention, She is bratty sometimes, but most of the time she is sweet and kind. She often uses her "cuteness powers" to get whatever she wants, and if it does not work, she will resort to throwing a fit to get her own way.


Birth year: 2000

5 [Season 1 & 2]

7 [ Season 3]

8 [ Season 4 & Vacation with Derek]


Father: George Venturi 

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Mother: Abby Venturi (presumed to have never remarried) 

Stepmother: Nora McDonald-Venturi 

Brothers: Derek, Edwin, Simon (half-brother) 

Stepsisters: Casey, Lizzie

Other information[]

First Appearance: The Room

Last Appearance: Vacation With Derek 

Portrayed By: Ariel Waller

Relationships []


Marti seems to get along really well with her father. They are shown to have a loving relationship.


Marti and her stepmother seem to have a loving relationship. 


Marti and her older brother Derek have a very close relationship.

Derek has a soft spot for her, and she looks up to him -- they even have nicknames for each other: Smarti and Smerek.


It is unknown what their relationship is but it is assumed to be loving. 

Marti often sides with her brothers during McDonald/Venturi wars.


They are shown to have a loving relationship.

Marti looks up to her older stepsister, and Casey is shown to be protective of Marti.

Marti often sides with her sisters during girl/boy wars.


They are shown to have a loving relationship. Marti looks up to Lizzie and Lizzie tries to be a good role model for Marti.

Marti once sided with Lizzie and Edwin when they wanted the same rights, and same amount of pocket money as Derek and Casey.