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Nora McDonald
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown (season 1 and 2)

Black (season 3 and season 4)

Occupation(s): Window treatment specialist
Family & Friends
Family: George Venturi (husband)

Dennis (ex-husband)

Casey McDonald (daughter)

Lizzie McDonald (daughter)

Marti Venturi (step-daughter)

Derek Venturi (step-son)

Edwin Venturi (Step-son)

Simon McDonald-Venturi (son)

Felicia (mother)

Series Information
First appearance: The Room
Last appearance: Vacation With Derek
Portrayer: Joy Tanner

Nora McDonald is the mother of the McDonald family and stepmother to the Venturi family after remarrying to George Venturi. Nora has 2 daughters with her ex-husband, Casey and Lizzie McDonald and a son, Simon, with George.

Character Description[]

Nora is a partner in a firm that specializes in window coverings. When Nora goes to work she looks very professional and put together which is a contrast to her at-home style which more relaxed. She adores her new husband though sometimes finds his refusal to take things seriously exasperating.

Nora is a business woman in her own right, and a feminist who believes in raising strong daughters - although she got a bit more than she bargained for with Casey.


Personality-wise, Nora is portrayed as generous, kind, very protective over Casey and Lizzie, and a great stepmother for Derek, Marti and Edwin. Sometimes she is very close to her daughters, and is also considered very sane.

Among the rest of the family's odd situations, she is always normal and stands her ground. She does occasionally tease her daughters. In the episode Freaked Out Friday, she was shown badgering Lizzie with the word "puberty".



She has been divorced for 5 years from Dennis, who is also a successful corporate lawyer (although the reason why she divorced him is unknown). Unlike most divorced couples, they have a well-established relationship and never argue. She has 2 children with him: Casey and Lizzie.

George Venturi[]


She was remarried to George and moved to his house along with her family of three. They are a happily married couple with not too much bickering between them. She adores her new husband, although she sometimes finds his refusal to take things seriously to be exasperating. They have 1 child together (Simon McDonald-Venturi), which is first learned in Season 4.

Nora often refers to George as "Georgie". The relationship of George and Nora can be referred to as Geora.



Casey used to live with her mother Nora in a condo in Toronto before she got remarried. Casey and her are able to talk about almost anything, showing they have an incredible bond.


Lizzie used to live with her mother Nora in a condo before Nora got remarried. They love each other and Nora always has advice to give to her daughter.


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