Series Name
Season 1, Episode 10
Sweet misery.jpg
Air date December 11, 2005

May 12, 2006

Written by Bernice Vanderlaan
Directed by Ron Murphy
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Marti The Monster
Babe Raider

Sweet Misery is the 10th episode of "Life with Derek."


When Derek flips the remote at Casey causing her to hurt her ankle, Casey decides to return the favor and make Derek suffer. She promises not to get Derek in trouble, but in return she will get to choose something of Derek’s to take.

After Derek seems too eager to offer up his things, Casey theorizes that he must have some hidden treasure he doesn’t want to give up. After sending Lizzie to investigate, Casey’s theory is proven correct, and she shocks Derek by demanding his White Stripes tickets. A fuming Derek accuses Casey of sending Lizzie to do her dirty work.

When he threatens to tell the whole school and their parents how she used her little sister, Casey (after having been inundated with sympathy gifts from her classmates) jumps up and ends up injuring Derek.

The tables now turned, Derek exploits Casey who is forced to serve Derek. Unfortunately for them both, they’re exposed for faking it, as they miraculously recover and chase after Marti when they discover she has cut up their White Stripes tickets.

Tired of being ordered around by their siblings, Lizzie and Edwin turn the tables on their bossy older brother and sister.

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