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The Party is the third episode of the Life With Derek series.

Series Name
Season 1, Episode 3
The Party.jpg
Air date October 2,2005

March 16, 2006 April 14, 2006

Written by Jeff Biederman
Directed by Ron Murphy
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Casey and Derek are left alone at home for the weekend while George and Nora go on a honeymoon.

All Casey wants to do is stay home and watch a movie with her best friend Emily. But Derek throws a party and all the guests ruin the house.


Casey: How did this happen? How does a person who prides herself on being in total control lose it? Why am I sitting on the bathroom floor? Why is there an out-of-control party in my living room? The answer to all of these questions could only be Derek.

Derek: Hey, why is it all quiet downstairs? You don’t think the police came and cleared out the place, do you?
Casey: Better them than our parents. (George and Nora soon get the bathroom door open and come right in; Derek and Casey give each other the “We are so busted” look)
George: “Study group.” Oh, please. As soon as we heard that, we turned around and came home.
Nora: How could you let this happen? (to Casey) And why didn’t you call?
Derek: Well, things got a little out of hand.
George: A little? There was a hockey game in the living room! Edwin and Lizzie went into hiding! And this house is trashed. And, Derek, despite my better judgement, I trusted you. You really let me down.
Nora: (in agreement with George) Both of us.


  • The song that plays during the party is "Geek Love" by Fan_3.