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Vacation With Derek
Vlcsnap-2010-06-27-14h44m58s128 w40.jpg
Producer Christina Jennings

Scott Garvie

Daphne Ballon

Directer Michael McGowan
Writers Daphne Ballon
Released June 19, 2010 (Australia)

June 25, 2010 (Canada)

March 6, 2011 (US)

March 20, 2011 (Latin America)

Run time 90 minutes

Vacation With Derek is the only movie based on Life with Derek.


The McDonald-Venturi family goes on vacation to visit their grandma, Felicia, at her lodge. Here, Derek falls in love with a rich girl named Roxy whose dad is a greedy land developer threatening to destroy the natural beauty around them, including the lodge. The kids team up to save the lodge and the nature around it. Meanwhile, Casey falls in love with a waiter at the lodge named Jesse. Jesse turns out to be a wonderful dancer and helps them save the lodge. Nora is still pregnant and eventually has the baby by the end of summer vacation.


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