Vicki, Viki, Cousin Vicki, Icki Vicki





Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color

Dark Brown


Sarah Gadon, Paula Brancati




Harry (step-father)

First Appearance

The Wedding

Last Appearance

Truman's Last Chance

Too many parameters

Victoria "Vicki" is Casey's and Lizzie's cousin who lives in Toronto. Viki and Casey are lifelong enemies. Viki is portrayed by Sarah Gadon (Season 1) and Paula Brancati (Season 4).


Viki is short-tempered, if she dosen't get what she wantsm she's a terrible person. She tries to destroy and mess up everyone else's plans. She also has no concern for any feelings but her own. Viki doesn't care when people are unhappy or mad; she does what makes her happy. This is especially shown when she kisses her own cousin's boyfreind, not caring about what Casey would



Casey McDonaldEdit

Casey and Viki are longtime enemies who used to go to school together when Casey lived in Toronto. Casey use to avoid Viki as much as possible. Viki use to make fun of Casey at school. It is said that some of Viki's rude behavior is due to jealously. However Viki has done many mean things to Casey. She had told Derek embarrasing stories about Casey and kissed her boyfriend at a party. In sixth grade Vicki also went out with a guy Casey liked (he had a unibrow).

Derek Venturi Edit

Viki and Derek had a connection right away. They bonded on their differences with Casey and their attraction for one another (Derek thinks she's hot and Victoria thinks he's cute). In The Wedding, Derek and Victoria are caught kissing on camera. 

Truman FrenchEdit

Truman and Vicki went out in ninth grade. According to Truman they "...went out like 3 times for 2 weeks 4 years ago." It is said that Truman broke up with Vicki. They kiss again in Truman's Last Chance.


  • She used to invited Casey to cool private school parties
  • She has a step-father named Harry